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Fundraising Committee

Fundraising is one of the most fundamental aspects of Habitat for Humanity.  In order to build a home, there must be financial means of doing so. The average house in Champaign County costs approximately $65,000 to build. Our goal is to raise that amount over the course of two years in order to fund a home-build every other year. It is the role of fundraising directors to create and organize fundraising events throughout the semester in order to meet the obligations of the present house and plan for a future one. Fundraising will run about 5-8 events per semester.


Nicole Park

Co-Fundraising Director

Sophomore, Class of 2023

Major in Human Nutrition



Hyder Khan

Virtual Fundraising Chair

Junior, Spring 2022

Major in I Health



Eliseo Gonzalez

Co-Fundraising Director

Junior, Class of 2022

Major in Media Studies



Stephanie Tangorra

Virtual Fundraising Chair

Sophomore, Class of 2023

Major in Information Systems

Minor in Spanish


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